TRASD Launch Site Location

From San Diego take Interstate 8 to the Calexico exit at Highway 98. Travel 9 miles to Coyote Road #2. The Crucifixion Thorn Natural Area (GPS: 32 40.28N 115 53.27W) is right on the corner of Highway 98 and Coyote Road #2. Coyote Road #2 is a maintained gravel road headed west towards the mountains. Travel 2 miles to where the road splits. The launch site (GPS: 32 39.80N 115 54.55W) is the road bearing right at the split and begins at the split and extends half way to the quarry. The roads dead end at the quary about 1/2 mile from the split. UPDATE: The road has been asphalted!

Wide Area Map

Local Area Map

Site Area Map

I am still waiting on someone to submit an aerial photograph which clearly depicts the eight square miles of the launch site!