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Western Pyrotechnics Association South Western Division

The San Diego (South West) Division of the WPA put on a small demo of a pyrotechnic display for the WWB 2000. The pyrotechnic demo was billed as the first time that a WPA division could legally build, legally transport, and legally shoot a show for the WWB.

Rudy Shafner was the Division VP and primary sponsor of the idea.
The product was built at the Western Pyrotechnics, Inc. facility.
The shells were built by Rudy S., Frank F., Tom O., Joe M., and few other.
The show was choreographed by Ron Dixon.
The Lead Shooting Pyro was Sam Bruggema.
The show was loaded by members of the San Diego division.
It is hoped that we get a few more people interested in manufacturing.
Some tooling
Burn Pile